Greekpeek is an app that will help all greek lettered individuals in exploring, finding, connecting greeks by sharing their personal profiles and activities.

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Welcome to the website of Greekpeek. We're thrilled you're here, and are excited to show you what our new social app is all about. Take a look around our website to learn about our goals to help 1 million greek letter individuals connect by sharing their personal profiles, philanthropy efforts, social activities and everything you need to know about the chapter recruitment process. It's free to join to get started finding your fellow greeks close by. Join Today!

About Us

Our Background

As greek alumni we have searched for a way to connect with our fellow greek organization members and found none. So we decided to build one. By having a platform solely for connecting greek letter individuals in the same organization and beyond, we can all continue to connect and strengthen our networks beyond the college campus experience. And in doing so contribute to helping greek life continue to grow both on college campuses and in the alumni experience.
With our simply philosophy to help Greeks see, find and connect with one another, the opportunities are endless for growing your network with fellow greek letter individuals.

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